How long does Ativan stay in the system?

ativan stay in the bodyBasically, Ativan would stay in the body system for about 12 – 18 hours once you have done with the last dosage of Ativan. Based on many factors that this medication would stay in the system, it might also take 2. 75 days to get out of the body through excretion. This is just the approximated day’s calculation from the general analysis. Read below to know more about how long does this Ativan medication would stay in the body along with the factors that influence it.

Factors Influences the stay of Ativan pills in the human body system

Half-life of Ativan:

There are many factors, let us just start with the half-life of Ativan which is the major consideration when it comes to this medication lasting hours in the body. Basically, the half-life of Ativan would be longer than 15.7 hours, which means that this medication would take more or less 3.59 days to get excreted out of the system.

Lorazepam is the active compound in this drug. The human body would take 18 hours to metabolize this Lorazepam. This is longer than metabolizing the medication itself. So, the presence of this chemical compound is longer than the actual drug in the body.

Based on the amount of Ativan dosage:

Ativan available in different dosage forms to treat anxiety and many other related medical conditions such as depression, insomnia. Generally, many people would be prescribed with 1 mg of Ativan. In many other severe cases, those individuals would be prescribed with 10 mg of Ativan. The 1 mg dose of the drug would stay lesser time when it is compared to the 10 mg dose. This is because the system would take a longer time to metabolize the high dose of this medication than the basic initial dose. Medically, it is understood by the equation as the increase in the dose of the medication is indirectly proportional to the time taken by the body to metabolize the drug.

Based on how often you take this medication:

The frequency of the dosage would also play in staying off the drug. Say, a person took this drug three times a day, for them this medication would stay in their system for the maximum of 2 days. If the same person had taken only one dose per day, this drug stays for few hours or one day in their system before getting out of their body. The same way, if a person continuously taking this pill, then they might have the high tolerance of this medication. And the presence of this drug traces would last for many days.

The above are the general factors. It would also differ from the individual’s body metabolic rate, age, genetic, their BMI and their excretion function or working of kidney and their diet.